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At Morpeth Chartered Surveyors, we are lucky to retain the services of lead party wall surveyor, JW Wood, who has presided over dozens of completed party wall disputes and offers arguably Morpeth's foremost authority on the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Working as either the building owner's surveyor, the adjoining owner's surveyor or a joint appointment, JW Wood's extensive experience with the complexities of the Act means he is well placed to resolve matters swiftly and amicably.

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Are there going to be building works on your party wall line?

If your neighbour plans to undertake building work close to your boundary or 'party wall' line, they are required under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to issue a formal written notice. That allows you time to object and a full process exists for efficiently handling disputes thereafter.

If you do want to dispute the works, our chartered surveyor in Morpeth is an expert at helping his clients manage the process; ensuring they fufill the Act's stringent requirements, whilst achieiving a reasonable compromise.

How can the Right Surveyors help with
your Party Wall issue?

Party Wall Notices

In most instances, the first any neighbour hears of work on the party wall is a written notice in their letterbox. In brief, party wall notices can be delivered in three core formats:

Under the Act, the building owner is obligated to notify the adjoining owner. Whilst a surveyor isn't absolutely essential at this stage, almost all building owners will request the assistance of a Chartered Surveyor to ensure nothing is ommitted and that the document is delivered according to the Act's strict requirements. The Act is renowned for its complexity and the advice of a professional who is familiar with both Morpeth's particular characteristics and with the the Act's detail, will avoid mistakes and unecessary disputes down the line.

Party Wall Awards

Sometimes, the details of the party wall activity are such that a quick compromise cannot be reached. In such situations, a formal 'dispute' has arisen and the Act provides a mechanism for dealing with this. Both parties need to appoint a surveyor, who will ideally be a qualified chartered surveyor with the RICS and a Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (who require a minimum level of party wall experience and competency). Both parties can appoint the same surveyor, who is bound by an ethical code of conduct to be impartial and fair. The surveyor will agree a route forward and the result will be written into a binding Party Wall Award.

Photographic Schedule of Condition

Building works, however small, can be damaging to the fabric of your building - even if the works are primarily on your neighbour's property. If the neighbour of your property in Morpeth is carrying out works which might impact your own buildings, we can carry out a photographic schedule of condition to append to any party wall notice, which shows the exact condition of both buildings before the works are carried out. If damage occurs thereafter, you will have an undeniable record to refer to and use as evidence.

We take pride in providing an accurate, reliable schedule of condition service in Morpeth, which can help you avoid disputes and ensure that you are compensated for any damage to your property.

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